Curriculum – Science

At The Thinking Schools Federation we acknowledge the prominence of Science as a fundamental part of our daily lives. Science is all around us and as one of the core subjects, we give the teaching and learning of Science great importance. We believe it is imperative for our children to be equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of Science in today’s world and the future. 

At The Thinking Schools Federation, Science is a time for children to safely explore their curiosity, ask questions, wonder and most importantly have fun in their learning. Through the teaching and learning of science we increase pupils’ knowledge and understanding of our world, as well as enabling them to develop essential skills associated with science. Children are encouraged to become independent and inquisitive learners in exploring possible answers for their scientific questions. Specialist vocabulary is taught and developed and effective questioning is encouraged. Children explore inspiring practical experiments to investigate questions they pose. They are provided with engaging stimuli to immerse themselves with each topic taught. Children predict and then explore questions on a number of topics, ensuring they see the relevant links to the real world. We promote children’s confidence in Science by encouraging a passion for risk taking and modifying ideas. We encourage children to work collaboratively and co-operatively with their peers, this is essential as they take the responsibility to choose how to record and then present their findings. Children are given ample opportunities to explore the different types of scientific enquiry and apply this to their investigations. Science resources and external agencies are well utilised to enhance Science teaching and learning and support effective differentiation. 

Science allows children to develop their natural curiosity as well as encouraging respect for our environment and living creatures. Children at The Thinking Schools Federation value Science and many of them aspire to work in scientific professions in the future. We strive to ensure that our teaching and learning of Science will give children the confidence and motivation to continue to further develop their skills into the next stage of their education and life experiences.